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c) The particulars of the apartment/s, unit/s, building/s, tower/s, wing/s, layout/s, landscape/s, demarcation/s, plan/s, amenity/ies, dimension/s, area/s, elevation/s, facility/ies, amenity/ies, space/s, specification/s, user/s, fitting/s, fixture/s, furniture/s and/or various other features relating to any project of KRC and/or its future projects and/or various phases/portions of such project land/s, (as may be demarcated, from time to time), as may be displayed/presented on this Site and/or in its Content/s, from time to time:

i) are all tentative, till final sanction of plans for the entire concerned layout and till completion of development of all phases of the entire concerned project, Plans, areas, designs, features, etc. contained in this Site and/or in its Content/s are tentative and of indicative nature and subject to approval of the concerned authorities;

ii) may not be part of the layout or the standard premises. The interiors, furnishings, furniture, accessories, etc. displayed in the Content/s, are merely indicative and are not included in the standard premises. Dimensions and floor plan layouts are approximate and the building illustrations are design concepts only;

iii) are subject to amendment/s, change/s, modification/s and revision/s, from time to time, at KRC’s sole discretion (without prior notice), in the interest of the phase-wise development or under a scheme (without any obligation on KRC to notify such amendment on this Site or in its Content/s).

iv) may be subject to mortgage/charge created/to be created in favour of financial institution/s, etc. by KRC (who will obtain NOCs if required).

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