Perfectly tailor made

With realty experience spanning over six decades, K Raheja Corp understands evolving business needs of corporates, and customizes properties that match specific requirements.

Recent commercial developments have focused on only providing space, while ignoring other, more crucial requirements that make a work environment productive. K Raheja Corp, backed by intense research, has been instrumental in conceptualising and creating holistic and customized spaces, with tailor made design and amenities. From recreational areas and security to broadband connectivity, it is always a holistic end-to-end service.

Our research has also highlighted that corporates seek complete spaces built from start to finish by people they trust. K Raheja Corp has therefore created Customized Spaces which take into consideration various factors and the evolving needs of the dynamic commercial community. These spaces are far more than just construction and beautiful architecture; they combine form and function to provide an encouraging environment that is streamlined to match the core belief of our esteemed clients.

Combining our skills and expertise gained in all aspects of building and construction, we provide customised projects, replete with plush interior design that pays close attention to detail, gadgets for enhanced functionality, and manicured green spaces.

Going beyond the offerings of interiors and logistics, K Raheja Corp also ensures top-notch technology to match the futuristic construction.

Living up to its trusted name in the industry, the company also pays close attention to detail when it comes to the safety and security of each of its customised developments.

Core Inputs from K Raheja Corp

  1. Planning spaces
  2. Designing spaces
  3. Creating required infrastructure and amenities
  4. Project approvals
  5. Legal approvals from Government or Municipal corporations
  6. Project scheduling
  7. Timely completion and delivery
  8. Financial assistance

The Dawn of Customization

K Raheja Corp's focus has always been the end-user, offering flexible solutions for a versatile range of client requirements. The Company's innovative inputs begin right from the initial planning stage, down to the finishing and detailing of the construction of the edifice.

Work spaces are designed keeping in mind the specific functional, aesthetic and infrastructural requirements of an organisation. The core inputs from K Raheja Corp further extend to the necessary legal approvals and even financial assistance.

This understanding has made K Raheja Corp the most trusted name and first choice of back office processing, banking and software development companies.

All customized projects deliver far more than swanky commercial developments, offering clients comprehensive workspaces which meet specific needs and are the result of years of insight mining and customer feedback that have helped K Raheja Corp customise projects that truly reflect the ethos of an organisation.