After reviewing the success K Raheja Corp had with Mindspace Malad, The Andhra Pradesh Government, invited several conglomerates to take on this project. During that time, two of the invited conglomerates elected to turn down the proposition of developing the site. K Raheja Corp decided to take up the challenge. The first offering was a built-to-suit offering for an American bank, created and delivered in record time as had been promised and from then on there was no looking back. Various new technologies were employed in building the project.


It was on the morning of August 29th, 2003 that the foundation stone to create IT| ITeS infrastructure at 'Mindspace Hyderabad' was laid, at Madhapur (Cyberabad). The project executed by K Raheja Corp, was launched in collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation (APIIC), with a clear mandate to convert the 110-acre site into a mecca for corporates.
Backed with its expertise and success in creating Mindspace in Mumbai’s Malad suburb. the team took on the extremely challenging task, at a time when two of its contemporaries refused the project saying it was a daunting task to achieve, with a high possibility for failure. It was against this setting that K Raheja Corp took up the challenge to convert the land enveloped with boulders and rocks, into what stands today as one of the largest and most successful IT Parks of the state.
The team got to work and K Raheja Corp successfully delivered the first office set up for an American bank, in record time as had been promised. This marked the beginning, and from hereon there was no looking back. From technology to tools, manpower to machinery, all was put into place to ensure timely delivery of the best quality commercial IT Park of international standards.


Along with some fauna of the land, the site of Mindspace Madhapur, Hyderabad comprised of steep slopes and valleys. The valley boulders made it particularly challenging to construct around. As the construction progressed, the masterplan of the project had to be revisited to ensure a safe and strong structure could be built. After several detailed revisions, the architects and engineers successfully created the perfect solution to negotiate the treacherous slopes and the boulders from the valley.



With the backing of inspired skills and expertise, Mindspace Madhapur made phenomenal progress keeping with timelines and all required approvals. Within a span of four years, the roads, drains and other essential developments started to take shape. On completion, Mindspace Madhapur, along with the essential infrastructure, proudly sported new technologies such as sewage treatment, energy conservation techniques, solar power generators- all perfectly integrated with the project. In its entirety, the project stands today as an integrated campus comprising of 28 buildings- including an IT community, ancillary facilities and residential development.


Today, Mindspace Madhapur is a success story and a case-study for the industry and stands transformed into a hub for IT | ITes, employing over 80,000 people and housing top multi-national companies. The development of Inorbit Mall and Westin Hotel next to the project have provided additional amenities and entertainment to the entire community, working well to create a flourishing micro-market. For the upkeep of the project, K Raheja Corp has an in-house property management division called Matrix. Matrix’s skilled workforce looks after the campus and ensures perfect management of its assets and facilities.
Mindspace Madhapur stands today as a thriving community with a flourishing eco-system, delivering truly to the brief of converting itself into a Mecca for IT | ITes.