At Mindspace, we endeavour to deliver to Clients a smooth and seamless working experience offering end to end solutions for efficient client management. With an objective to ensure proper upkeep of all properties and providing superior working environment for its occupants, Matrix Property Management Services- a part of K Raheja Corp., offers comprehensive Asset Management and Property Management services. This division currently manages more than 20mn sq. ft. of commercial and residential properties across India. Matrix has offices in all operational locations providing end to end services to its clients including transition, handover of completed buildings, operating with best in class agencies and OEMs, and acting as a custodian of all assets.

Some of its key offerings include:

Accounting and Financial Management

Providing comprehensive asset management solutions including billing, recoveries, MIS, and ensuring statutory compliances. Working on an automated platform with SAP.

Lease Compliance and Administration

Meticulously handling documentation for leased premises, maintaining cordial relations with clients, handling renewals and exits, and taking timely legal action in the interest of the company for defaults and disputes. Systematic filing and maintenance of all documentation.

Engineering Services

Trained and qualified engineering staff who work round the clock to ensure all critical facilities as well as back up facilities are operational at all times. Key areas managed by engineering team would cover DGs, Transformers, HVAC, BMS, Elevators, FAS, STPs and more. The team also maintains the power infrastructure and water supply.

Safety and Security

A mix of in-house and outsourced team of security and safety officers manage the campuses and buildings 24X7. Using technology back up, Matrix has implemented in most campuses an effective vehicle tracking system and visitor management system, along with surveillance systems which are constantly monitored.

Customer Relationship Management

Through regular interaction with clients at complex level as well as by senior management interaction, Matrix ensures client satisfaction. Further, various activities are carried out round the year as part of client engagement. Some common activities include blood donation camps, Health Awareness camps, Sports meets and more. Newsletter christened ‘CAMPLUS’ is circulated amongst Clients every 6 months.

Soft Services

Matrix manages the common areas of the buildings and complexes which include regular cleaning of all buildings, stone care, pest control, disinfecting the premises, waste management, common washroom maintenance, façade cleaning and more. Constantly evaluating latest trends both in technology and using environmentally friendly material for cleaning.


With significant focus to ensure more than adequate green spaces are available, Matrix continues to maintain the same across multiple seasons and by using recycled water, ensuring zero wastage. Further by planting more trees over the years, it has been able to enhance the green cover in the campuses. Urban Farming, a client initiative recently taken up as an extension of horticulture to inculcate the habit of home farming/organic vegetable farming.

Fire Safety

As per the statutory requirement, Matrix maintains the firefighting systems in working condition and monitors the systems 24X7 again with dedicated manpower and location-specific fire safety team. Add on initiatives include fire drills, setting up of emergency rescue teams and regular training and interaction with clients to ensure full preparedness for any emergency.

Procurement and Contract Management

A Central Procurement Team has been established to cater to material and contractual requirement of each site. The team manages shortlisting and appointment of all manpower agencies, issuing AMCs for critical equipment and ensuring compliance to SLAs. By regular Vendor management and review, Matrix gets the best agencies in the industry to work on the sites.

Building Health Check

There is constant monitoring of all buildings depending on the age, wear and tear of equipment and on the basis of client feedback. An actionable road map is created to ensure the buildings are well maintained and timely action is taken to repair or replace any equipment as required.